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Track Maintenace Foreman

The following is a breakout of the “Track Maintenance Foreman” course for engineering employees of railroads or contractors who oversee track works.

OBJECTIVES: This program provides trainees with the skills and knowledge required to become a Track Maintenance Foreman.

DURATION: The course is 80 hrs. total duration.

CLASS SIZE: 1 - 12 trainees

Upon successful completion, trainees will:

  1. Read and interpret SPC's, RM's & TS Plans
  2. Communicate effectively
  3. Identify track & track components
  4. Oversee employees using small machines
  5. Supervise employees changing a tie
  6. Supervise employees changing a rail
  7. Supervise shimming
  8. Inspect turnouts and oversee turnout maintenance
  9. Supervise installation and maintenance of Continuous Welded Rail (CWR)
  10. Follow track inspection guidelines
  11. Authorize train movement over rail breaks
  12. Identify and supervise repair if rail surface irregularities
  13. Coach: On The Job Training

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