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Industrial Track Inspector

The following is a breakout of the "Industrial Track Inspector" course for Industrial Rail employees.

OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the course, the trainee will be able to perform all of the tasks and associated sub-tasks indicated below:

  • Identify basic elements of track geometry
  • Identify track and switch components
  • Read a curve graph and determine design offset measurement for a point on the track
  • State track and operating conditions that influence lateral and vertical forces of track train dynamics
  • Identify and measure track geometry irregularities
  • Use Track Standards Manual
  • Identify defects, problems & conditions that may be encountered during inspection of track, turnouts & Right Of Way
  • Test hand operated switches
  • Describe the correct procedure for measuring switch points, stock rails, flangeways, and frogs
  • Identify points where guard-check gauge is measured
  • Describe the correct procedure for inspecting railway crossings
  • List items to check and what to look for when inspecting the track and right-of-way
  • List drainage related systems to be checked when inspecting track
  • State required actions for specific track deviations
  • State minimum frequency for various types of routine track inspections
  • Develop inspection reports that must be completed monthly

DURATION: This course is of a 4 day duration.

CLASS SIZE: 1 - 12 trainees

The course is designed to provide trainees of industrial railways s with the knowledge, skills and abilities they require in order to effectively perform their duties of conducting monthly walking inspections of Class 1-2 industrial track in accordance with requirements contained in Transport Canada Regulations respecting Railway Track Safety Rules.  The course covers both CN and CP track standards.

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