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FastTrack Conductor

The following is a breakout of the “FastTrack Conductor” course for new employees of railroads hired to perform the duties of conductor.

OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course trainees will have the skills and knowledge to safely and efficiently perform the duties of conductor trainee under the supervision of a qualified conductor in a yard and mainline environment. They will demonstrate the following:

  • Non main track and main track rules compliance
  • Coupling and uncoupling procedures, handbrake application and yard switching techniques.
  • Proper procedures relating to copying authorities
  • Procedures dealing with train documentation
  • Safe handling of Dangerous Goods
  • Proper procedures for freight car air brake testing
  • Enroute train troubleshooting

DURATION: The course is of a 15 day duration, 70% classroom – 30% practical

CLASS SIZE: 4 - 12 trainees

NOTE: Upon completion of this course, you will be certified as a “Conductor Trainee".

In order to obtain status as “Conductor”, it will be incumbent on the trainee to serve a term under the direct supervision of a qualified conductor. This ‘apprenticeship’ is necessary to give the trainee the employing railroad’s operating practices, physical skills and knowledge of the territory over which you will operate. When it is deemed the trainee has the attributes to be promoted, a company officer must accompany him/her on a qualifying trip. Upon successful completion of this trip, the company officer will notify Sandy Cooke Consulting Inc. in writing of the results, and a “Conductor” certification card will be issued.

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